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Willbe Power Your Future

When you have a strong will to do something,
it creates a driving force for moving forward.

As a brand that creates power through our general-purpose engines and generators,
we will produce what is needed in the coming era.
We take a broad view of the world and listen to its people’s voices.

We are committed to high-quality “Made in Japan” manufacturing.
Our products make people’s work more enjoyable, enrich their lives, and bring them happiness.
That, in turn, brings happiness to us.

We want to be a driving force for your future.
That is the will of Willbe.

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Earth Power

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Earth Power

Activities that contribute to society

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we review our production methods and promote sustainable innovation.
We pursue sustainable growth and minimize our impact on the environment in order to contribute to the current and future society.

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